Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Toril & Neil | Bryllup i Kristiansund | Håholmen

First entry of the new year. Last August I got the chance to go to Kristiansund to photograph the fairytale wedding of Toril and Neil. I have been to Kristiansund for the Nordic Light PhotoFestival, but this was a totally different experience. Nordmøre was grey and rainy when I arrived on Friday, but on Saturday the most beautiful summer weather came upon us and it was the all the couple could wish for. Neil´s Northern Irish Family got to see Norway at its best and I was in awe. For a photographer who is mostly used to work in the Oslo area it is so inspiring to get out of the city and see other parts of Norway.

Toril was so beautiful in her dress (which had its own seat on the plane to Kristiansund) with her loose curles and the amazing bridal crown. The crown has been in Toril´s family for centuries, but had not been used for a long time. I bet that all the women in Toril´s family will wear the crown for their weddings from now on. The service was held in Kornstad kirke at Averøya, where Toril was brought up. Neil was of course very nervous and spent the minutes before Toril arrived rehearsing his speech.You could tell that they had waited a long time for this day to come. Toril could not stop smiling all through the ceremony.

After the ceremony we went to the island, Håholmen, where the reception was held. We were ferried across the fjord in a viking ship with the music from an accordion in the background. It was a perfect start to the party. When we arrived at Håholmen we walked across the island to photograph the newlyweds. Håholmen is a very small island, Toril could even walk across in her high heels. The sun went away for a moment during the photoshoot, but that just gave us more of a dramatic sky for the photos. The scenery was incredible and I love the pictures from out towards the sea. Next stop Iceland.Toril looks like a true Norwegian fairytale princess  and Neil is the perfect gentleman.

The dinner was lovely with both laughter and tears. I managed to sneak Toril and Neil out for a little photoshoot when the night fell and left them there on the bench for a little while to themselves. The day after they told me that this had been one of the lovliest moments of the day. They finally got to spend a quiet time together and take in everything that had happened on their big day. After the dinner we came to another tradition that is very important in the western part of Norway. The cakes. It is very important that there are enough cakes for all the guests, at least half a cake per person. I didn't count, but I believe it was at least 40 cakes for the 70 persons who were at the party…

After a fun party with lots of dancing and singing we were ferried back to the mainland on a  surprisingly warm summer night. A perfect ending to a great wedding.

Thank you so much, Toril and Neil, for bringing me with you on this beautiful fairytale that was your wedding. I wish you all the best in the years to come!


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